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About Us

Acer Innovation offers a variety of consulting engagements for harnessing the true potential
of data sets to solve the most pressing business needs of today


To gain competitive advantage from Big Data, it is essential to build a scientific model by integrating the data assets with the right resources and organization coordination. Acer Innovation leverages its strategy experience, technical expertise, and analytical capabilities to help companies formulate a state-of-the-art model for solving complex issues & improving operational efficiency, and thus, creating real value for their customers & stakeholders.

About Us

At Acer Innovation, we strive to make a difference for our clients, strategically, analytically, and technologically. We have evolved as a trusted partner of choice for some of the most exciting, thriving, and successful companies in the world.

Leadership and proficiency immersed in data science, healthcare analytics, strategic management, and application of agile & responsive methodologies.

Acer Innovation is a leading-edge advanced analytics firm specialized in providing consulting services in the domains of strategic executive management and healthcare predictive analytics. Over the years, we have catered to the requirements of some of the reputed brands across the globe. Our clients hail from diverse sectors and industries that include health care, financial services, energy, consumer products, public sector, life sciences, high tech, and communications.

Big Data Analytics has evolved as a familiar term for companies possessing the urge to push boundaries, enhance customer satisfaction, and devise products & services that can truly transform the world. Our ethos lies in assisting these enterprises to discover meaningful and relevant insights across every possible touchpoint. By employing the revolutionary Topological Data Analysis technique, we strive to mine complex data sets for outcomes that would help a corporate to undertake better strategic decisions and explore new opportunities for improved business performance.

Our Vision

To become the most admired company in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Acer Innovation strives to undertake the most pragmatic and reliable approach for developing insights on customer segmentation, business intelligence, price optimization, targeted marketing, and allied strategy decisions.

Our Mission

To emerge as a leader in the data science, healthcare predictive analytics, and strategic executive management domains, thereby transforming the way enterprises conduct their businesses across the globe.

Our Passion

Our passion lies in mining data sets to identify the highest value opportunities that would enable companies to operate effectively and achieve their long-term goals.

We're here, and we would love to assist you!

If you'd like to speak to us for a new project, or learn more about our services, or even if you have a simple query, please feel free to fill the form, and we'll get in touch with you. We shall arrange a conversation with one of our data scientists, so that you can get a sneak peek on how we can help you to address your challenges and achieve your objectives!

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